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Powerful short design of Air motor is deal for negotiating short radius bends when cleaning curved tubes. Precision slip-fit motor construction means no special tool required for assembly & disassembly. Thrust plate motor packs plenty of power to operate all types of cleaning heads. Shown with forward swing arm type cleaner head & universal joint.
The safe way to remove tough deposits from curved or straight tubes. Recommended for all places where danger of explosion exists.

Standard models available for 19 to 140 mm I.D. tubes. On request, Brush tool can supply heads for up to 500mm I.D. tubes.
Selection guide applies to both curved & straight tubes.
Quick connection to Airline.
Air-cooled, Air-driven rotary motor 3000-8000 RPM under no load. No overheating Efficient. Very durable.
Operating pressure-6kgf/cm2 G.
Automatic cut-out with torque overload prevents tube wall damage.
Self-clearing heads. Air blast clears away loose scale; cools cutter heads.
Versatile range of standard cutters.
Air motors have simple design with few moving parts, which provide trouble free operation with minimum of maintenance.

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