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FRP Pallets, Cable trays, Checker Plates, collapsible doors.
FRP PALLETS are characteristically superior to conventional Wooden, Metal or HDPE Pallets. these Pallets have superior properties to that of  wood, Metal or Thermoplastics. Wood is scarce & costly. Metals have corrosion problem & thermoplastics are having limited load bearing capacity. These FRP Pallets are the right choice for use in various Industrial environments, We have tried to combine the best features like strength, dimensional stability of steel Pallet & weight, corrosion resistance of thermoplastic Pallets.
These Pallets are made from prefabricated mould by R.T.M. & Hand-lay-up technique. The design of pallet is such that it offers enough strength to handle the material with the help of Forklift or Hand pallet truck. A Steel pipe structure sandwiched between FRP layers offers additional mechanical strength.

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